GoPano micro 360 Video Lens: A Kickstarter Success Story (via Cult of Mac)

Cult of Mac writer, Killian Bell, published a great article on how to “turn your dream product into a reality on Kickstarter – the right way.” In an effort to offer readers the best tips for ensuring Kickstarter product success, he reached out to our very own, Michael Rondinelli.

“Michael Rondinelli is the Chief Technology Officer at EyeSee360, the company behind the GoPano micro — a hugely successful 360 video iPhone accessory that allows you to shoot 360° panoramic video, which raised $170,000 on Kickstarter, exceeding its goal by more than 8 times,” says Bell.

GoPano 360 Lens, Kickstarter Success, Featured on Cult of MacRondinelli took the time to outline for Bell, of Cult of Mac, some important steps to take before registering a project on Kickstarter. What might these tips and tricks be? We’ll break them down for you here:

  • Ensure your property is secure
  • Produce a prototype
  • Shoot a promotional video
  • Offer rewards for backers
  • Make “friends in high places”
  • Communicate with potential backers
  • Get your backers involved
  • Send thank you messages and updates
  • Keep raising cash
  • Plan your release date carefully

360 Video Dreams Do Come True

One of the greatest perks about Kickstarter is that not only does it provide much-needed funding (to put our 360 video lens into production), but it also provides an abundance of attention and PR, which can secure customers long before products even go on sale. Bell poses the question, “Isn’t that every company’s dream?”

We want to give a quick thank you to Cult of Mac, and Killian Bell, for reaching out to EyeSee360 for our Kickstarter experience. To read the complete article, please visit:

Fans, tell us: What dream product would you like to turn into a reality?

And The GoPano 360 Lens Winner Is…

Our Facebook Giveaway has sadly come to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who entered for a chance to win their very own GoPano micro…. Thank you!

Congratulations go out to lucky winner, Mike F. of Michigan, who will receive a GoPano micro 360 lens as his prize!

Sad That Our 360 Video Giveaway Has Ended?

No worries! We will be offering other opportunities in the future for chances to win EyeSee360 products.

It is our vision that one day 360 video will become the norm for recording and viewing video. Delivering our 360 technology to consumers at an affordable price every day, and through featured giveaways, puts us that much closer.

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Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

GoPano micro has certainly made an impact around the world. Thousands of our customers are now producing panoramic video, and more are joining them every day. Sadly, we’ve noticed a few of these new customers publishing videos that seem a little “off” to us.

What we’ve discovered is that a crafty counterfeiter is producing knock-off imitations of our GoPano micro 360 degree lens. These imitations are difficult to distinguish from the genuine device just by looking at the gadget itself. They have the same shape, use the same logo, very alike packaging design, and even include a similar looking registration code within the package. But once you record a video with these fraudulent devices, it is clear that the optics are of very poor quality.

EyeSee360 Takes Protective Measures

We are taking measures to protect ourselves, and our customers, from this fraud. First, we are actively pursuing those who sell counterfeit materials and compelling them to stop. We will no longer host videos shot with counterfeit optics, and are actively removing such videos from as we find them. Finally, we will be using our registration codes in the GoPano App to ensure only genuine GoPano micro optics are permitted.

You can protect yourself by purchasing from our list of authorized resellers, which can be found on our website at If you see a GoPano micro in its retail packaging, check the small print on the back. The genuine article will read “Designed in Pittsburgh, PA. Made in USA.” Counterfeit optics may read “Made in China” instead.

More information on how to identify a counterfeit GoPano micro can be found in the following article on our Support page:

Buying from a discount reseller may seem like a bargain, but instead it disappoints the buyer, sullies our brand and burdens us with support and hosting costs, in addition to lost income.

If you think you’ve been swindled, please contact We’ll verify the authenticity of your optic, and insure you have the ‘real deal’ GoPano micro 360 lens.

EyeSee360 – Timeline of a 360 Video Technology Company

1998: Company Founded.EyeSee360 Founded as an Offshoot of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Department

  • EyeSee360 was founded in 1998 as an offshoot of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Department. The technology was invented to be a part of a robot going on a space mission. The requirement? To capture 360 degree images in one-shot with no stitching. This was just the beginning of the 360 degree video capabilities that consumers now know, and use, through GoPano products.

2001: Three Rivers Implosion.

  • In 2001, one of the most storied stadiums in the country was reduced to pieces of rock and metal in a matter of seconds. The only camera to survive the historic implosion was none other than the GoPano plus optic, which was installed inside Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium prior to implosion. As the stadium imploded, the action was all captured in 360 degree video format. Watch the 360 degree video of the actual implosion captured by GoPano cameras here:
  • GoPano’s 360 degree video footage of the implosion was also featured on The History Channel, and on FOX News.

GoPano Plus Optic Captures Three Rivers Implosion

2002: EyeSee360/GoPano Wins MacWorld Best of Show Award.

GoPano Plus, Originally EyeSee360 360 One VR

  • EyeSee360 introduced its 1st commercial single shot optic, the 360 One™, at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, CA. (Note: The 360 One™ VR is the present day GoPano plus).
  • The 360 One™ enabled users to create a 360 degree QuickTime VR movie with 100 degrees of vertical field of view, all in a single shot.
  • MacWorld Awards are given to the most exciting hardware and software products announced at the Macworld Conference & Expo each year. In 2002, the EyeSee360 360 One™ took home ‘Best in Show.’

2005: Release of 1st Production Tool for Panoramic Video.

  • Groundbreaking release of Videowarp CreatorPanoramic Video Production Tool - VideoWarp Creator, Director (now called Videowarp Director). Videowarp is the first production tool, ever, designed for the processing and editing of panoramic videos, bringing an entirely new angle to creative content. By freeing video from the single perspective of a conventional camera, you can interact with video content in a way never before possible.

2006: World’s 1st 360 Music Video Created with GoPano Products.360 Music Video Created with GoPano Products | Montgomery Gentry

  • Country duo, Montgomery Gentry, makes the World’s first 360 degree music video for their song, “Roll With Me,” using GoPano’s 360 technology. Today, there are several 360 videos made with competing technologies. Back in 2006, however, Montgomery Gentry leaned on EyeSee360’s technology to take music videos 360 for the first time. Watch their 360 music video here:
  • GoPano 360 technology has also influenced the recording of live performances, with artists and bands using the panoramic lenses to capture their live performance action in 360. Watch a few examples, below:

2007: First 360 Degree Commercial Shot with GoPano Products.


2008: EyeSee360 ‘Joins Forces’ with the US Military.

  • The US Army integrated our 360 technology back in 2008 for surveillance purposes. Currently, a fleet of field Humvees (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles) deployed in Iraq is utilizing GoPano 360 technology.EyeSee360 Joines Forces with US Military

2010: EyeSee360 Meets Education and Microsoft®.

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the development of a special 360 video platform (see below: EyeSee360 + Microsoft®), incorporating EyeSee360 technology, to be used for teacher evaluation.  This program has been implemented in schools across the country, giving teachers a chance to watch students’ reactions in real time and indentify where the gaps in interest occur in the classroom.
  • The contractor providing camerasEyeSee360 Meets Education and Microsoft for the project, TechScape, which is the leader in delivering web-based professional learning content, innovative technologies, and expert services to improve teaching practice, sought out EyeSee360’s 360 lenses for use in the project.
  • Bill Gates discusses GoPano’s 360 technology in the following interview:

2010: EyeSee360 + Microsoft®.

  • In 2010, EyeSee360 developed a technology for Microsoft® that would be used in developing the first ever platform for 360 degree 3D technology. If you ask us, three-dimensional technology together with 360° technology could possibly be the best ever virtual reality experience one can get.

2011: EyeSee360 Takes Viewers on the Inside at Nascar and PGA.

GoPano 360 Takes on PGA Viewers

  • First-ever live 360 degree broadcasting of Nascar and PGA golf courtesy of EyeSee360 technology. GoPano lenses were used to broadcast two live events in 360, increasing viewership and average time spent on the website four-fold (as reported by PGA). A PGA Company Official had this to say, “Our viewers get almost the same experience as being there with this 360 video technology.”


2011: GoPano Technology Goes Mainstream.

  • In October, EyeSee360 launched the GoPano micro, GoPano video sharing website, and GoPano App. Though the technology has been around for a decade it was not accessible to the mainstream market. For the first time ever, with the GoPano micro, any one with an iPhone 4 or 4S can now make 360 videos.

    360 Video Technology for the Masses

  • Announcement on the GoPano blog “Life Happens in 360… Now Your Videos Can Too!”:

2012: + GoPano App… Now, and Onward.

  • As 360 technology becomes more accessible, we see more creative uses of the GoPano technology. From 360 short films, music videos, interviews to in-car videos, sporting events, birthday parties, and concerts… Real-life every-day 360 videos are being created and shared daily on the World’s first 360 video sharing network,
  • We look forward to all that comes next, whether its website updates or improvements, new industries that 360 degree videos impact, or simply GoPano in the hands of more consumers… We’re ready for it, and hope you’ll embrace this 360 technology with the same zest!

GoPano 360 Lens Hits the Streets of SXSW® With Brick + Mortar

Were you in line at SXSW®? If you bumped into these guys, from Brick + Mortar, let us know! No better way to pass the time (in between live music sets) than toying with an awesome 360 lens! Be sure to leave a comment if you see yourself in this 360 video taken outside of the Hype Hotel in Austin, Texas. Thanks go out to Brick + Mortar for letting our GoPano micro hit the streets of downtown Austin for all of the SXSW® action!

Lazy Tech Guys Review GoPano micro iPhone 4 360 Lens

by GoPano Team
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Lazy Tech Guys were kind enough to pay us a visit during CES 2012 to talk about the GoPano micro for iPhone 4 and 4S. Check out the interview below:

Following our meet n’ greet, Lazy Tech Guys had the opportunity to provide an in-depth review of the GoPano iPhone 4 360 lens, leading with this bold statement:

 “Anyone dismissing the GoPano micro as some gimmicky tool does not understand the value of this system.”

We’re pleased that Lazy Tech Guys recognized how revolutionary this 360 video technology can be for so many people, offering examples such as a frequent traveler, a real estate agent showing off property, or even an investigator needing to freeze a crime scene. Our 360 technology offers them these precise capabilities at an affordable price.

After running the GoPano 360 lens through a variety of tests, the Lazy Tech Guys awarded the GoPano micro a 4-out-of-5 star rating!

Read the full review at

Other Ways To Experience 360 Video

As mentioned above, the Lazy Tech Guys offered examples of industries that can incorporate 360 technology: travel, real estate, and law enforcement. We’ve already seen our technology used in 360 music videos, 360 degree short films, and of course the capturing of everyday experiences, but can you imagine what’s next?

So tell us, if you could capture anything in an immersive 360 degree experience, what would it be?

Leave us a comment below, or you let us know through Facebook and Twitter.

GoPano micro Ventures Out to South by Southwest® (SXSW®) in the Hands of NJ Band, Brick + Mortar

March 13th kicked off SXSW Music which “showcases roughly 2,000 musical acts from around the globe, representing well over 50 different countries, on over 90 stages in downtown Austin.”

“That’s where the joy is to be found, in the moment of watching the band, of watching the video, or of making the thing, of playing the song. You know it when you get goose bumps, when you get chills that run up and down your body.” – Andrew W.K.

Care to immerse yourself into all things SXSW®? Check out ‘SXSW: The World Comes to Austin’ video preview below:


We can’t resist the opportunity to tune in to music so good it gives us goose bumps, which is exactly why we’re headed to SXSW this week…

GoPano micro 360 Lens Hits the Streets at SXSW®

Although our GoPano team will not be in Austin this year (in-person), our GoPano micro 360 lens will be capturing the full SXSW Music experience first hand through Brick + Mortar’s interactive 360 video tour diary.

Indie rock duo, Brick + Mortar, will be playing a series of showcases at SXSW, equipped with a GoPano micro to encapsulate the live on-stage action, and more! Straight out of New Jersey, Brick + Mortar represents the underground, the oppressed, the disillusioned, and voiceless.” “Their live show is a party that erupts like a magnetic sonic volcano catching the attention of everyone in the room, drawing them to the stage full of intrigue and energy.”

Get a GoPano glimpse of their tour vehicle through Day 2 of the 360 video tour diary, below:


Whether you are in Austin, or on your computer at home, you’ll be able to be a part of the 2012 SXSW music experience…. Simply stay tuned to the GoPano blog this week for 360 degree video posts straight from South by Southwest®.

See Yourself in 360 Video

Are you in Austin? Drop in to one of the Brick + Mortar shows and you may find yourself featured in one of their live 360 videos!

Brick + Mortar will be at the following SXSW® Showcases:

  • Clive Bar MAD Dragon Showcase (3/14 @SXSW Night)
  • Wierdo’s w/ River City Extension, The Front Bottoms (3/15 @SXSW Day)
  • MAD Dragon Day Party (3/16 @SXSW Day)
  • Thai Fresh w/Chalk (3/17 @SXSW Day)

We hope to see you there, in 360! In fact, if you see a GoPano micro in the air, at any SXSW event, be sure to give us a wave hello!

Share Your SXSW® 360 Videos

For all of our 360 video filming fanatics, be sure to share your videos from the South by Southwest frontline for all of us to see!

Connect with us here on the blog, or on Twitter and Facebook to answer this: What events and bands at SXSW are you loving most?

We can’t wait to see all of the SXSW action. Rock on!

GoPano plus 360° Video Highlighted in Huffington Post

There is no doubt that 360 video has the potential to revolutionize a significant number of industries. One industry that is wasting no time taking full advantage of GoPano micro’s 360 technology is the music industry.

Recently, the Huffington Post highlighted the Indie rock band, Tanlines, and their use of 360 video technology in the music video “Brothers,” off their upcoming album Mixed Emotions. Using the GoPano Plus and the Red Scarlet they were able to create an amazing 360 music video.

“Their use of an interactive, 360 video is simple, the result is mind blowing.”

Want to experience the 360 degree video “Brothers” by Tanlines, first hand? Press ‘Play’ and tune in, below:

Tanlines is not the only band that has used the GoPano to create a 360 music video. The Swedish rock band “The Death of Gagarin” has also experimented with 360 technology to create their own 360 video.

360 Video For Everyone

You do not need to be in a band to enjoy the immersive experience of 360 degree technology. The implementations of 360 technology are limitless! So what are you waiting for? Purchase a 360 lens, download the free 360 video app, and start creating and sharing your 360 videos!

Are You On Twitter or Facebook?

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GoPano 360 Video Technology Highlighted in Intel Keynote

CES is one of the most exciting times of the year for the consumer electronics industry, and one of the most anticipated events of CES is the Intel Keynote speech. This year, Intel introduced their third generation Ultrabook™. While two members of the Intel Ultrabook™ team were demonstrating its various usages, they featured EyeSee360’s 360 video technology as an example!

Check out the highlight below:

We are honored that our 360 video technology was featured in such a high profile speech and are proud of the fact that we’re able provide this revolutionary, immersive 360 degree video technology.

Shooting Professional 360 Video

The 360 video that was featured in the Intel Keynote was shot by our team using the GoPano Plus, the Red Adaptor, the Red Epic, and a Red 50 mm lens. See the full video below:

The Red Epic is designed for the professional videographer, giving you spectacular resolution and the EyeSee360 team, photographed below, had the opportunity to shoot aerial videos from inside a helicopter using both the Red Epic and the GoPano Plus!

Pictured from left to right: Chief Technical Officer, Michael Rondinelli, Drew Timothy, and Product Manager, Amey Kanade.

360 Video For The Masses

Not only do we offer professional 360 video capabilities but, for the first time ever, there is an affordable way to take 360 degree videos. With this 360 technology however, you aren’t just creating videos, you’re creating memories. The GoPano micro allows you to create these memories by providing the user with a fully immersive experience.

So you want to create 360 videos and are wondering where to start? 

Here’s what to do:

● Purchase the GoPano micro 360 lens.

● Download our free 360 video app.

● Start sharing your 360 videos!

Yes, it’s that simple!

Connect With Us

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Disclaimer: Ultrabook™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.