Siri… How Do I Take 360 Degree Video?

by GoPano Team
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By now we have all heard the exciting features of the new iPhone 4S, especially the amazing voice recognition assistant known as Siri. Simply tell your iPhone to do something and Siri will automatically set a reminder for you. Have a question? Siri has an answer. AMAZING!

When we asked Siri, “How do I create a 360 degree video with my iPhone?,” she asked us if we wanted to do a web search, and the first results that pulled up featured the GoPano micro! (Thanks, Siri!)

The new iPhone 4S has many upgraded features but the one we are most excited about is the 1080p video recording. Why? Because as the technology of the iPhone improves so will the quality of 360 degree video being produced by the GoPano. You may recall this from our blog post on, “Panoramic iPhone 360 Videos: Behind the Scenes… Pixels Unveiled.”

Siri… Is My GoPano 360 Degree Video Lens Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S?

Already take iPhone 360 video with your GoPano micro, but want to upgrade your iPhone 4 to the new 4S? No need to worry. The GoPano micro lens and case is fully compatible with the new iPhone 4S. All you have to do is download the GoPano 360 iPhone app, attach your GoPano micro and you are set to record 360 degree videos like the one here:

Siri… Can I Share My iPhone 360 Videos?

Whether you are taking iPhone 360 video with your iPhone 4 or 4S, GoPano micro’s easy compatibility allows you to share all of those special captured moments on, the only place on the web to host, view, and share iPhone 360 videos.

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